The Cadets are prepared for the Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) and Intermediate examinations conducted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi and General Certificate of Education ‘O & A’ Levels from University of Cambridge.

The promotion from the School to the College classes is not automatic. Admission to the 1st Year/A-Level class depends upon the boy’s result in the Matriculation/GCE’O’ Level Examination and his conduct. The decision whether a boy is fit for admission to the 1st Year class/A-Level or take up the Pre-Engineering or Pre-Medical course rests entirely with the College.

For the internal assessment of the cadet, terminal tests in May/June and in December, a Home Task Test after the summer vacation and the Annual Promotion Examination in March are held during the academic year. In the first three tests, the cadets are generally examined from the course covered during the term while in the annual promotion examination, they are tested from the whole course covered over the academic year. Cadets failing in any two subjects in two terminal examinations or promotion examination are detained in the same class. Those cadets who fail for the second time are withdrawn from the College.

In the event of the failure of the scholarship holder to show satisfactory progress i.e. 60% marks in the terminal test, home task test and promotion examination, the scholarship is reduced or in more serious cases, withdrawn.