Calendar of Events


Cadet's Daily Life

The daily time-table is drawn up with a view to make use of the most of the time available as well as to develop every factual in the cadets. Equal stress is laid on work in class and outside activities which includes organized games, sports and hobbies. Proper timings are observed for the five-time daily and Jumaa prayers.




While in College, cadets have to be in the prescribed dress. They are not permitted to wear private clothes or shoes.



Parents/guardians can visit their sons/wards only on visiting Sundays at following timings:

9:00 am to 4:30 pm (October to March)
9:00 am to 6:30 pm (April to Sep)
Cadets are not allowed to invite their relatives/guests keep, them in Wings, Hospital, Cafeteria or in any College Building.
Parents are not allowed to visit dorms/rooms.
Parents are not allowed to visit the staff at their residences. They can meet them in their offices on visiting Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.



Leave rules are as under:-

Leave is granted on a written application from parents.
Leave other than the holidays authorized by the college will not be granted except in very exceptional circumstances. No leave will be granted to attending a wedding except the wedding of real brothers and sisters.

Long Weekend Leave


For every term there will be a fixed number of long week-ends that cadets may avail themselves. Parents/guardians are required to forward the following information to the housemasters regarding their son/wards at the beginning of each term:

Where they would like their son/wards to spend their weekend i.e. at home with them or with relatives or friends.
The name and address of the relative/friend with whom the boy will spend his weekend.

Parents’ Day


The college holds the Parent’s Day and an Exhibition during the winter Term every year. The Prizes won by the cadets and the Wings are awarded at this function.

Journey to College/Home


It will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians to arrange safe journey for their son/wards for going home and coming back to the college at the beginning and end of breaks/holidays. However, whereas possible, the college may arrange journey by rail/road of the cadets in groups on behalf of the parents/guardians.

Accidents / Mishaps


The college will adopt all possible measures for the safeguard of the cadets during their stay on the college campus. However, the college shall not be held responsible for any kind of accident/mishaps causing any kind of physical harm or injury.



All correspondence pertaining to the cadets is to be addressed to the Principal. cadets personal correspondence of all sorts(by post, by e-mails or by phones) maybe checked by the college authorities.