ALL ADMISSIONS CLOSED. Last Date to apply for Admission to Class 8/O-Level of 2020 was 18 Oct, 2019. Entrance Exam on 17 Nov 2019.

Hobbies Clubs

The College provided equal opportunity to the cadets to enjoy the hobby of their choice. It is mandatory for a cadet to avail membership of at least one Club. The following clubs, each headed by a staff member, exist in CCH.

  1.    Aero-Modelling Club
  2.    Art Club
  3.    Astronomy Club
  4.    Biology Club
  5.    Calligraphy Club
  6.    Chemistry Club
  7.    Computer Club
  8.    Electronics Club
  9.    Geo-Modelling Club
  10.  Handicrafts Club
  11.  Music Club
  12.  Photography Club
  13.  Robotic Club