Bio Lab


        Biology Lab of Cadet College Hasan Abdal is


The quality of current laboratory experiences is excellent, In order to provide a healthy, safe learning environment for students, BIO lab is having all basic safety equipment. To ensure the safety of all students in science labs,

• Lab provides each student with goggles and disinfectant, heat resistant gloves, disposable gloves, a safety shield, and an apron;

•Lab includes an eye wash station, fire blanket, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit for students;

• College admin schedule regular maintenance to ensure that safety equipment should remain in working


 Providing students with meaningful science lab experiences Bio lab is having all experimental apparatus required for O & A-level, F.Sc and SSC.

To improve the environment in which lab activities take place,

• We have rearranged new furniture and lab equipments in order to deliver best lab instructions to students;

   • Bio lab follows the square footage guidelines and best practices recommended by Cambridge for conducting effective experimental practice for A’level and O’level.

Equipment and Materials

Bio lab Equipments are working and well maintained. Materials are up-to-date and enough supplies are available to match curriculum needs without unneeded excess.

Teaching staff of Biology department is highly skilled using microscopes, Bunsen burners, balances, and thermometers, incubators, the autoclave, and spectrophotometers, Water Distillation Plant, Glass apparatus, Vacuum Filtering Flasks, Oven.

To ensure that lab contains relevant and working equipment and materials,

• College arranges to fix or replace broken equipment;

• Teachers dispose of outdated equipment to allow more room for organization of equipment, materials, and supplies in current use;

• College admin conduct a chemical inventory survey checklist at each site and create and maintain an accurate chemical list annually;

Future Plans

In near future we shall further upgrade Biology Lab by: