Career Counseling & Guidance Session by USEFP

A career counseling session was held on 16 Dec, 2016 in the College Computer Lab from 1050 AM to 0130 PM.
The session was organized by Mr M. Rizwan Maqbool (Coordinator Career Counselling CCH) and conducted by a Team from USEFP (Ms Shanza Alam & Mr Taimur Zaheer).
They reviewed the essays & college lists.The session was attended by all the intersted cadets. The session was very productive as far the cadets' essays & college lists were concerned. 
The main points discussed during the session were:
1.  Every cadet was given individual attention. Personal essays were reviewed & analysed one at a time (personal discussion). The cadets were given special instructions for the improvement of their essays & supplements.
2.  The over-all colleges / universities lists were checked & reorganized for the financial aid.  
3.  The cadets were advised to complete their reviewed essays & again send to USEFP by mail for final selection.