Annual Picnic 2017 at Wah Gardens

Annual Picnic was arranged for Junior Classes (Class 8 to 10) at Wah Gardens on 29th April, 2017. Senior Classes were busy in preparation of their Board Exams, so they couldn't avail this opportunity.

Staff Members and cadets of Class 9 and 10 went on foot to enjoy the beautiful sceneries all around, while Class 8 boys were taken to the spot by bus.

It was a pleasant day to add fun and enjoyment. The contingent spent the whole day at Wah Gardens in enjoying Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Tug of war and chit chat. Water flowing through the garden was another source of amusement.

A delicious lunch packed in beautiful cartons was served to all. Cadets picked up all the litter from the garden at the end, to leave the place clean and tidy.

Overall, it was a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed it to the maximum.