Inauguration of CCH Outreach Program

The CCH Outreach Program was formally inaugurated on 7th July 2017. The Federal Minister of Education along with a large number Old Boys, Old teachers, and Members BOGs stood with the 45 boys from Baluchistan, Northern Areas and FATA. Gen Sallahuddin Satti, Ex-Comd 10 Corps attended on a wheelchair. Mr Tahir Ayub, son of Field Marshal Ayub Khan (the Founder of CCH) also attended and presented a portrait of his father.

This Rs 3.5 million Pilot Program, totally free for the attendees, has been funded by an Abdalian. However, the Federal Minister announced its funding for the next five years.

According to the Principal Maj Gen (R) Najeeb Tariq HI(M), it was a dream come true, and probably the happiest day of his Principal-ship. CCH, on 7th July 2017, stood for, and championed the cause of national integration and merit!

The Program is intended to improve the select-ability of boys from the under-developed regions of Pakistan, without compromising the induction standards of CCH. The boys will sit the normal Entry Exam in November and will be selected on merit only.

However, we hope that the CCH experience will continue to inspire them wherever they go.