First Ever NOP of CCH Comes to an End

First ever CCH Outreach Program came to its end after 2 months.

45 students from all under-developed areas of Pakistan were selected to be trained and prepared for the upcoming CCH entrance exams. The basic idea was “Help the kids from under-developed regions without compromising the standards of CCH", providing them an equal playground to compete.

A ceremony was held in Naeem Hall where the Principal distributed certificates. He advised them to continue hard work and prepare for the test to be held in November. He also advised them to apply in all other good institutions too. Admiral (R) Shahid, a humanitarian who runs a school for kids from FATA, was also present. He, too, addressed the audience and stressed on goal setting and achieving it with consistent efforts.

Some students of XI were also involved with these boys as part of community service. They helped them in studies, sports and general knowledge. Certificates were also distributed among them.

Next year, Insha Allah, CCH Outreach program will be back with more number of students from a wider range of areas.

In the end we would like to acknowledge the anonymous Abdalian donor who provided 3 million rupees for this noble cause.