Establishment of Youth Club at CCH

Under the  vision of the Principal and the efforts of the Community Service Team, the Program Manager, Youth and Volunteers, PRCS, Sardar Sami Ullah Abbasi visited the College on May 19, 2017 with his team to conduct an orientation session with the Cadets. This session was followed by the general election to appoint a Secretary, Deputy Secretary and a Treasurer among the cadets for the intended PRCS Youth Club at the College. After the appointment of the cadets on the three posts, three further nominations were made by the Principal for the posts of President, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Club.

On September 28, 2017 the Chief Coordinator of Community Service Program CCH Mr. Muazzam Ali Saqib was invited to the head office of PRCS Islamabad to attend the meeting of coordinators to accelerate the process of volunteer activities in educational institutions. With the Courtesy of Sardar. Sami Ullah,  Mr. Muazzam also had a meeting with Mr. Ahmed Yesil, the Head of Pakistan Delegation (Turkish Red Crescent). They discussed the feasibility of sending the cadets of CCH in Red Crescent offices and Volunteer Camps in Turkey on annual basis which Mr. Ahmat assured to arrange as and when needed under the exchange of volunteers from PRCS.

On October 19, 2017 the PRCS approved the elected as well the nominated members as the Executive Body of the Youth Club  after which the Club became functional. The whole College congratulated the newly established Executive Body and the Principal appreciated the efforts of the Community Service Team in establishing the PRCS Youth Club at CCH. The Club intends to start a training program of volunteers under PRCS after which the volunteers of the Community Service Society may perform their activities in much better way.