TEDx Talk by Air Cdre (R) Kaiser Tufail

Air Cdre Kaiser Tufail (Abdalian 14th Entry) delivered today, his TEDx Talk on ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ in the CCH Naeem Hall- His journey of pursuing his inner passions after retiring from a full career as Fighter Pilot, spanning 30 years in the Air Force! A spell binding narration of pursuing his passions for Archaeology, Astronomy, Cycling, Scuba diving, and of authoring world class military history, delivered to an audience of 550 CCH Cadets, listening in pin-drop silence. His awesome story of cycling 1000 kms from Khunjrab to the full depth of Taklamakan desert! 

Kaiser is a true fireball of untamed Energy- even at 63!! Ever proud of him as an Abdalian!