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Iqbal Wing, The Champion of Inter-Wing Swimming Competition 2018

Iqbal Wing picks the Champions Trophy of Inter-Wing Swimming Competition 2018 held from 10th to 12th Sep, 2018. Wing Positions were as follows:

1st Iqbal Wing, 2nd Omar, 3rd Liaqat, 4th Haider, 5th Aurangzeb and Jinnah Wing got the 6th position.

Cadet Talal Bin Tariq (2nd Yr, H/W) was declared as the Best Swimmer among Seniors while Cadet Sarim Malik (10th Class, O/W) clinched the Best Swimmer award among Juniors. Cadet Zaeem Ali Khan (2nd Yr, O/W) and Arham Imran (10th Class, I/W) found their place at the 2nd Best spot among Seniors and Juniors respectively.

Cadet Sarim Malik also set two new College Records in Backstroke and Free Style Juniors, while Cadet Arham Imran set a new record in Butterfly Juniors. Well done Sarim and Arham.

Principal Cadet College Hasanabdal distributed the Trophies and Certificates among the winners at the end.