ADMISSIONS TO 1st Yr/A-Level of 2019 WILL REMAIN OPEN FROM 10th APRIL to 17th JUNE, 2019. FOR CLASS 8/O-Level of 2020, PLEASE APPLY BETWEEN 18th JUNE and 18th OCTOBER, 2019.

Cadet Ahmad Noor declared as Cadet Captain for 2018-19

Cadet Ahmad Noor of Liaqat Wing has been declared as the Cadet Captain (All Round Best Cadet) of the year 2018-19.

As a virtue of his new appointment, Cadet Abdullah Khalid becomes the Wing Commander of Liaqat Wing.

Cadet M. Awais Qarni of Jinnah Wing was awarded the Principal's Cane for being the 2nd Best Cadet of the Year.

Cadet Habib Sultan Wing won the title of being The Best Sportsman of the year while Cadet M. Awais Qarni of Jinnah Wing became the 2nd Best Sportsman.

Well done and Best of Luck to all of them.