Final Result for Admission to Class 8/O-Level of 2020 (67th Entry) has been announced.

Visit by Old Abdalians to Promote STEM Culture at CCH

The College Alumni are now coming in a big way to support their alma-mater in multifarious dimensions.

The 16th Entry Old Boys are celebrating their Golden Jublee in March, and they are planning to assist us in terms of organising a comprehensive STEM culture at CCH.

A delegation consisting of Mr Kamaluddin Tipu and Mr. Azmat Mumtaz Saqib, from 16th Entry visited CCH Robotics, Astronomy and Electronics Labs today. While the former is a Fulbright Scholar Engineer, the later is the Pioneer of STEM program in Pakistan.

Mr. Umer Shehzad, an Associate professor at ITU Lahore, and the Chief organiser of their Flagship Makestan Program, was their main Resource Person.

Today was their first meeting with the Club Incharge’s and the boys to find common ground.

Here are some pictures of a very useful interaction: