Result of Entrance Exam held on 17 Nov, 2019 is expected in the Last Week of December 2019.

Iqbal Wing, Champions of Inter-Wing Cross Country Competition 2019

Iqbal Wing picks the Champions Trophy of Inter-Wing Cross Country Competition 2019 held on 9th Nov, 2019. Wing Positions were as follows:

1st Iqbal Wing, 2nd Haider, 3rd Omar, 4th Jinnah, 5th Aurangzeb and 6th Liaqat Wing. 

Cadet Faraz Hasan Tariq (1st Yr, I/W) was declared as the Best Runner among Seniors for the last two consecutive years, while Hasnain Shah (9th, O/W) found top place among Juniors.

The Chief Guest Brig (R) Salman Anwar (28th Entry, L/W) distributed the Trophies and Certificates among the winners at the end.