3rd NOP Closing Ceremony

Third CCH National Outreach Program came to its end after 1 month under the brolly of COVID SOP’s.

26 students from all under-developed areas of Pakistan are prepared for the upcoming CCH entrance exams. The basic idea was “Help the kids from under-developed regions i.e. Baluchistan, Tribal Districts and Gilgit-Baltistan without compromising the standards of CCH", providing them an equal playground to compete.


A ceremony was held in Naeem Hall where the Principal distributed certificates. He advised them to continue hard work and prepare for the test to be held in October.

The 1st CCH NOP, held in 2017, was sponsored by an Old Boy while later programs are being funded by the Federal Government providing an excellent example of positive and deep impact of Old Boys donations to CCH Endowment Fund Trust (CCHEFT).

We take this opportunity to urge Old Boys to wholeheartedly contribute to CCHEFT, details of which are available on https://ccheft.cch.edu.pk/ and http://cch.edu.pk/alumni


Next year, InshaAllah, CCH Outreach program will be back with more number of students from a wider range of areas.