4th CCH National Outreach Program

The Certificate Award Ceremony for the 4th CCH National Outreach Program (NOP) was held on 18 July (Sun), 2021 in Naeem Hall.
The NOP aims at improving the chances of selection in CCH Entry Exams for candidates from far flung and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan. A special focus is on Baluchistan, Gilgit – Baltistan and Tribal Districts (KPK).
This program also serves as a platform for national integration bringing boys together from remote areas of Pakistan to partake of the magic called CCH.
The idea for this unique program was given by an alumnus who also sponsored the cost of the 1st NOP. Currently the Federal Government bears the cost of this initiative which is free for the participants.
The 4th CCH NOP had 50 participants with 17 each from Gilgit – Baltistan and Tribal Districts (KPK) and another 18 from Baluchistan.
Brig Iftikhar Ali Khan (R), DG Khubaib Foundation was the Chief Guest on the occasion and distributed certificates among the participants

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