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Hobbies Clubs

The College provided equal opportunity to the cadets to enjoy the hobby of their choice. It is mandatory for a cadet to avail membership of at least one Club. The following clubs, each headed by a staff member, exist in CCH.

  1. Aero-Modelling Club
  2. Art Club
  3. Astronomy Club
  4. Biology Club
  5. Calligraphy Club
  6. Chemistry Club
  7. Computer Club
  8. Electronics Club
  9. Geo-Modelling Club
  10. Handicrafts Club
  11. Music Club
  12. Photography Club
  13. Robotic Club


Afternoon games, regular drill and physical training are compulsory for all the Cadets to keep them physically fit and healthy. Cadets can play any game of their choice from available facilities like Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Squash, Horse Riding etc. An Inter-wing athletics competition is also held during November/December every year.

Sport Fixtures

Cadet College Hasan Abdal and some leading sister institutions like MCJ, Lawrence College, APS, PAF College Sargodha etc., hold annual sports fixtures reciprocally.  A fixture spreading over a weekend involves only major games like Football, Hockey, Cricket and Basketball. Such fixtures are usually held during 2nd term (September & October).

Championship 2017-18

Inter-Wing Championship

In the Calendar of Events, special attention is given to Inter-wing competitions to develop a sense of competition among the cadets. Some of the competitions are academic nature like debates and some demand physical participation like football, cricket, hockey, basketball, cross country, athletics, drill, obstacle course etc.

Dinner Nights

Dinner nights are held regularly for each wing.  On every Thursday, one house takes part in this activity. The purpose of these dinner nights is to develop Mess Mannerism among the cadets.


Social Evenings

On every Thursday, one house takes part in this activity after its Dinner Night. In social evening cadets perform skits, make short speeches, sing songs etc. The purpose of these social evening is to develop confidence of public appearance among the cadets.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Outside the realm of the normal curriculum of education and co-curricular activities, cadets perform various extracurricular activities. The extra curricular activities include debates, quizzes, singing competition, spelling bee, community service programs, Education & Excursion visits etc.


Typical Day Routine

The daily time-table is made with an intention to utilize the most of the time available to inculcate every faculty in the Cadets. Equal stress is laid on work in class and outside activities which include organised games and sports activities. Proper timings are observed for the five daily prayers. The normal daily routine of a Cadet is:

Note:   This routine is subject to changes in accordance with the weather and activities of the Calendar of Events.