Dear Abdalians!

CCH has had a history of shaping excellence since 1954. This attribute is the result of its admission policy which is All-Pakistan and Open-merit. The third pillar of this policy is that admission to CCH has been Need-Blind.

While CCH is actually a non-profit organization, it has always been costly keeping in view the wide variety of facilities including a faculty that is involved in all aspects of the campus. However, this high cost had been balanced by recurring Grant-in-Aid by the Government of Punjab as well as assorted merit and Need-Based scholarships.

Over a period of time, the Grant-in-Aid has been reducing. While at one time, CCH was the prime beneficiary of government assistance, now it has to contend with different governmental efforts aimed at subsidizing education. Further, inflation combined with increased cost of living and high taxes and utility bills, have led to the costs at CCH rising exorbitantly.

The impact of this is on the Need-Blind status of CCH’s admission policy. The mainstay of our College’s excellence; the talented and hardworking middle-class candidate is unable to afford the expenses. CCH, from within its resources, is unable to provide a Need-Based scholarship. Reduction in expenses, resulting in a low-cost outlook, will directly impinge upon the pay and allowances of faculty and staff, the outlook of the campus, and the quality of the CCH experience.

With a view to overcoming the financial challenges, the Board of Governors established the CCH Endowment Fund Trust (CCHEFT) in February 2013. Its objectives are to provide Need-Based Scholarships to deserving students, improve human capital, and undertake projects to further develop CCH.

For the last 70 years, CCH has been imparting World-Class education to its students. The moniker ABDALIAN, which is synonymous with excellence, is the result of this training. The Alumni of CCH are truly global leaders and citizens in every sense of the word. It is now time for the Abdalians to contribute to CCH to maintain the standards which led them to become what they are today.

Our immediate aim is to ensure deserving cadets join CCH regardless of their financial backgrounds. Our research shows that 20% of an Entry require financial assistance. CCHEFT’s objective is to provide 20% of Cadets Need-Based Scholarships.

I request you to give generously to CCHEFT to uphold the Abdalian legacy of shaping excellence based on merit and unencumbered by financial constraints.

As an Abdalian to another Abdalian; I thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

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