Campus Virtual Tour

Cadet College Hasanabdal is spread over more than a 100-acres.  It is bounded in the North by the Grand Trunk Road, presently called National Highway 5, which separates it from the historical city of Hassan Abdal which also covers its eastern area. To the South is the Haro River which is overlooked by a range of hills that provide a bucolic background to the campus. The western fringe of the College, once vast open fields, are now rapidly being converted into housing schemes.

The Campus itself is an optimum mix of open spaces and clusters of buildings and can be divided into three parts. The central part of the campus is organized around the Oval; the main Cricket ground which serves multiple purposes. The Oval is surrounded in the North by majestic Ayub Block in which all academic facilities are located. To the East and West of the Oval are the Wings; the nomenclature used in CCH for Cadets’ hostels. To the South of the Oval are the Squash Courts, the Gym, the Swimming Pool, the Café and the Mess Halls.

To the North-west of Ayub Block is the Administration Block housing the offices of the Principal and his staff. To the West of the Administration Block is the Main College Mosque. The Ayub Block has vast lawns in front of it which separate it from the building housing the Center for Wider Curriculum, the Staff Room, the Stationary Store and the Hobbies Block.  To the East of the Academics Block is the Faculty Residential area comprising of three multi-storied apartments. Between the residential complex and Ayub Block is the Staff Club which has Guest Rooms and Tennis Courts.

The Western area of the campus has comprised of the 16-beds College Hospital with assorted medical amenities, Bungalows for senior faculty members and lush sports grounds. To the south of the sports grounds is located the Staff Colony. The area further West of this is earmarked as land for expansion which aims to replicate the area around the Oval and, once completed, will double the strength of the students. Currently it houses the Riding Club.