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Community service has always been an immense part of CCH as it has left no stone unturned in giving its full potential to the social service. Just like every time CS activities have been in full form for the last four to five weeks, starting from collecting garbage from the campus which is maintaining the cleanliness of the campus to plantation for maintaining a greener environment as their primary duty and finally ending with something significant, teaching the colony children.
Talking about it as a whole, these sessions of community service promoted a sense of volunteerism and an urge for social service among the cadets and this would no have happened if there was no supervision and hard work of Sir Mirza Saeed Ahmed Chairman PRCS YOUTH CLUB CCH, Sir Mudassir Deputy Chairman PRCS YOUTH CLUB CCH & Sir Shaukat President Oi/C Wider Curriculum who devoted their extra time only to manage this efficiently. At last we hope that our work bears fruit and leaves a greater positive impact on society.

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