CCH Scholarships


Scholarships are an important facet of any educational institution. These acknowledge merit and support need. CCH has a noble history of awarding scholarships to sustain a cadet’s education, awarding these on the basis of specific criteria. Over a period, especially with the establishment of CCHEFT, a need has arisen to re-evaluate, streamline and consolidate diverse aspects of Scholarships at CCH with a view to reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.


The purpose of this chapter is to collate and upgrade different features of Scholarships at CCH providing a rationalised policy therein within the ambit of creating a sense of accomplishment amongst cadets by acknowledging excellence and helping others to complete their time in CCH with dignity. Scholarship Policy as of October 2019.


(1) Merit Scholarships:
(2) Kinship Scholarship
(3) President Scholarship for Day-Scholars
(4) Need-Based Scholarship

(5) The CatchPole Award

(6) CCHEFT Aid