Excursion Trip to Turkey – 2022

Excursion-cum-Educational Trip to Turkey – 2022
The cadets of 65th entry departed for the airport in the midnight of October 19 ,2022, under the kind supervision of Mr. Altaf ( HM-L/W). He was also acting as the tour coordinator. The boys stayed at a local 5-star hotel for the night near the famous Istiklal street in Istanbul and explored the beautiful night life of the historical city.
During the first five days of the trip, the cadets of the new 2nd year were able to enjoy a ferry ride in the Bosphorus river on the way to Bursa. The sight of enchanting nature is still in the minds of our boys. The group coordinator also arranged Asia’s one of the longest cable car rides for the Abdalians in the famous Uludag mountains due to which the whole group was lucky enough to witness a beautiful sunset and a breathtaking night view of the historical Bursa.
Abdalians left no flames unsparked to amuse themselves as they visited the tomb of Usman Gazi ( founder of Ottoman Empire ) and his son Orhan Gazi the very next day. The cadets dressed up the same as the ottoman rulers and had a gathering while feeling themselves as the King and his companions. The boys cherished these moments and made great memories together.
During this time the boys also got a chance to visit Hierapolis, an ancient city in Pamukkale. The sites of Romans in the past. Cadets also swam in the naturally occuring hot springs in Hierapolis, Pamukkale.

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