Fee Structure

Monthly Fee wef 1st April 2024:


Please note that the fee will be charged quarterly in advance. However, in Summer Vacation, a portion of the Hostel Fee and Messing will not be charged.

As per instructions of the FBR, Advance Withholding Tax (Adjustable) @ 5% will be charged on the above-said Fee under Section 236-I of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.


In addition to the above, following expenses will be charged individually on actual consumption basis.

Clothing, Foot wear, Books & Stationery, Non-Educational Traveling, Personal postage, Photographs, movie etc.


Fee will be charged quarterly in advance as detailed above. The above mentioned fee will be charged w.e.f 1st April of the year of entry, and after every subsequent year, all charges will be increased by 10% per annum. The fees may also be raised during the year depending upon the prices of the food items and services.


A fine of Rs.200/- per day will be charged in case of delayed payment of cadets’ dues. To further discourage the frequency of late-payment cases, following penalties will also be imposed against the defaulters when the overdue amount exceeds the fee of one term/quarter:

  1. Suspension from the College till deposit of outstanding dues, the suspended students will be sent home
  2. Striking the cadet’s name off the College rolls and withholding of documents/testimonials (original as well as photocopies) till final recovery of all outstanding dues
  3. Withholding of Application/Admission process to other Colleges/Universities