Brig (R) Nasir Saeed Khattak – Principal

Cadet College Hasan Abdal, being the first institution of its kind in Pakistan, has been a trend-setter in the field of quality boarding schools meant for boys. In its history of over sixty years, its graduates have not only contributed tremendously in the national mainstream, but many have also moved across frontiers, and are now playing their roles at the global level. Above all, being a trailblazer, the institution has helped set the blueprints of a milliard of institutions, which have followed in its wake.

A well-rounded personality, built around the core values of character, integrity, intellectual superiority and commitment have always been at the center-stage of our grooming at Hasan Abdal. That’s why our graduates have always managed to survive in some of the most hostile conditions of fiercest competition and of formidable adversity. They have always managed to fight their way to the top and have led from the front because that’s how they have been prepared and conditioned during their highly impressionable years of adolescent youth here. Their natural propensities for effective teamwork and strong communication skills actually draw from the years of intimate comradeship developed in the dorms of their Wings here, and from the moments of mind-blowing sporting glory experienced at the Winlaw’s sports ground. Their eloquence and intellectual robustness are nothing but the reflection of their insightful and heated discourses in the class theatres of Ayub block, or during the after-dinner strolls around the Scholar’s Walk.

The BOGs have recently christened The CCH roads/facilities, and the College sports grounds have been named after the Second British Principal, Mr. A.W.E Winlaw. The road around the Oval has been named as The Scholar’s Walk.

Academic excellence has always been the central point of our priorities here because we know that it plays a pivotal role in the proper placements of our graduates. Hassan Abdal has produced so many high-achievers in its academic history that CCH has become synonymous with Board toppers. Our programs have had the strength to have our students accepted not only in the very best of the national universities but even in some of the Ivy League institutions.

CCH has come a long way from where it started its journey 61 years ago and is ready to take on new challenges. With Pakistan at the center-stage of many controversies in global perceptions, we need to equip our scholars with the skills to not only excel and distinguish in multi-cultural global settings but to also prove effective ambassadors of a progressive Pakistan. It’s time for us to break out of our national shell now, and to prepare our graduates for the greater challenges of a cosmopolitan global village. Which institution in Pakistan can be better placed to embark upon this new challenge than CCH?!!