Guest Speaker Dr. Mamoon Rashid

Guest Speaker Series 2023

10 Feb 2023

As part of CCH’s Leadership endeavours, Dr. Mamoon Rashid (Professor of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Shifa College of Medicine and, Programme Director and HOD Plastic Surgery, Shifa International Hospital) 21st Entry, AW was invited as a guest speaker.

He delivered a motivational, informative, and interactive lecture to the cadets on the topic of “The Road to Achieving Excellence”.

The gist of his talk was that pursuit of excellence is nothing more than a state of mind that leads to positive action. These actions over time turn into habits, and these habits turn into concrete results that separates excellence from ordinary. He further emphasised that habit forming is a process with the right mindset as it’s foundation.

The talk was followed by a provocative Q&A session.

The alumnus also distributed certificates of “Academic Merit” among the cadets.

We are extremely grateful to Professor Dr. Mamoon Rashid for sparing his precious time for his alma mater.

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