Guest Speaker – Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Pervez

Guest Speaker Series 2023

03 Feb 2023

As part of Academic Guidance and Counselling endeavours at CCH, Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Pervez 36th Entry, AW was invited as guest speaker to deliver a motivational, informative, and interactive lecture to the cadets on the topic of “International Universities’ Academic Scholarships”.

The speaker, the Chairperson of Department of Political Science and International Relations, the University of Management and Technology, delivered an in-depth talk covering every component of the whole process.

The gist of his entire informative talk was that success, achievements and breakthroughs can inspire you to aspire, but when it comes to doing the real work required in the scholarship process, self motivating experiences or desires are very important for sustainability in the process.

The alumnus also distributed certificates of “Academic Merit” among the cadets.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Pervez for sparing his precious time and interacting with the cadets.

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