Internal Capacity Building and Collaboration

Internal Capacity Building and Collaboration among CCH Faculty, June 2022.
The faculty at CCH is focused and continually striving for achieving EXCELLENCE. This is a fine step toward its Mission and Objectives. Seven days of revisiting/improving strategies with a special focus on the Innovative Learning Environment for students.
These sessions provided an opportunity for all teachers, HODs and Management to share best practices, adaptabilities and extracts from their experiences and external training throughout last year.
Session 1: June 11 -14 [Interactive demonstrations/presentations regarding subject teaching within each department by all members]
Session 2: June 15-17 [Each faculty member gave his perspective and enlightened all others on one of the 20 relevant aspects of teaching/learning and pastoral care.]
Session 3: June 17 [Quality Outputs and Self-Motivation were discussed in the conclusive symposium.

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