International Volunteer day – 2021

Volunteerism is a fundamental source of community strength, resilience, solidarity, and social cohesion. It can help effect positive social change by fostering inclusive societies that respect diversity, equality, and the participation of all. Every year on 5 December, the International Volunteer Day is celebrated to honor, encourage and celebrate the achievements of volunteers in impacting the lives of people.
In this regard, emphasizing the established posture; accenting the role of volunteerism, in facilitating the social change, encouraging the aura of resilience, strength, solidarity, and inclusivity; PRCS, maintaining its annual tradition, celebrated “International Volunteer day – 2021” on 6, Dec 2021.
CCH Youth Club participated in this event under the supervision of Sir Mirza Saeed Ahmad and won the Best Youth Club Award presented by Mr. Abrar Ul Haq, Chairman Pakistan Red Crescent, Islamabad.

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