Mission & Objective


  1. Vision:

“Selecting the best of the best at entry level, prepare them for appearing in Secondary, Intermediate, GCE ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ Level examinations competitively, conducted by the relevant Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education and Cambridge International Examinations respectively, educate them to see truth and fulfill their highest potential to impart meaningful purpose to their lives and contribute courageously towards the positive development of the country.”

  1. Mission:

“To shape today’s ABDALIANS into 21st Century Global Leaders in their chosen fields of influence.”

3. Objectives for Cadets:

    a.  Achieve Academic Excellence:

(1) Diligence: The Cadets will be required to have careful and persistent effort in order to accomplish academic excellence.
(2) Focus: In order to attain the academic excellence, the cadets will increase their attention and focus towards studies.
(3) Motivation: Cadets shall be required to set goals and put efforts in enhancing their motivation level.
(4) Intellectually Curious: The cadets shall be required to have an inquiring mind: get curious about their subjects, look forward to what they will learn.

b. Develop following Character Traits

(1) Integrity: Integrity for the cadets of CCH is being willing to tell others what they are doing is not right even when they may not agree with you.
(2) Grit: Grit is passion and determination for long-term goals of the Cadets of CCH.
(3) Perseverance: Perseverance is a personality trait in which cadets of CCH will be required to push themselves to overcome difficulties. Having perseverance means that when you are facing a challenge, you use your mind and your body to overcome it.
(4) Fairness: Fairness for CCH students is the act of doing things that treat all colleagues and mentors equally and with respect. Knowing what is fair or unfair is important in helping all to get along with each other.

    c.  Mentor Succeeding Aspects of Personality:

(1) Appearance: Physical outlook can positively influence others perception of an individual. Cadets will be accepted to keep a decent and well-groomed appearance with the objective of inculcating positive personal qualities.
(2) Creativity: The cadets will be required to have courage to try new things and risk failure. They will be encouraged to use intuition as well as logic to make decisions and produce creative ideas.
(3) Communication Skills: Communication skills will help Cadets to express themselves in the most convincing way. The thoughts, feelings and knowledge will be passed on in the most desirable manner and effective communication skills will help them in the doing so.
(4) Positive Attitude: The cadet’s positive attitude will help them to know about their ability to succeed and look forward to what they will learn.
(5) Seeking Self Improvement: The cadets will be required to overcome the barriers of habits which would not benefit them in any regard and get themselves out of their comfort zone. The cadets shall work hard and acquire necessary skills.

d. Remain Physically Fit by:

(1) Eating Well: In order to remain physically fit the cadets need to be able to learn better when they are well-nourished and have healthy and regular meals.
(2) Sleeping Well: Cadets are required to enjoy sufficient sleep as adequate doze is essential to feeling awake and alert, maintaining good health and working at peak performance.
(3) Exercising: Exercising shall optimize cadet’s mind-set to improve alertness, attention, and motivation and shall reduce stress, panic disorders and depressions.
(4) Participating in Sports: Through participation in sports and games, a cadet shall gain various skills, experience and confidence that will be helpful for developing their personality and keeping physically fit.

e. Cultivate Universal Values

(1) Patience: Patience enables cadets to analyze things and situations beyond their face value. The resourcefulness, calm and empathetic beaver and self-control of patient cadet can allow them to overcome challenges.
(2) Contentment: Contentment will help cadets of CCH to distinguish between wants and needs. This will bring peace of mind and positivity that can facilitate growth and self-improvement.
(3) Tolerance: Tolerance is an essential educational value because it will help cadets to learn how to think in an open-minded way while overcoming all kinds of prejudices and preconceived ideas.
(4) Forgiveness: Forgiveness is especially important to help reduce anger in cadets who have suffered injustice sufficient enough to compromise their emotional health.

f. Features of Pakistaniat

(1) Community Service: Cadets must participate in Community Service. Engaging in community service provides cadets with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large.
(2) Obeying Rules: This will lead cadets to stay safe and focused.
(3) Cooperation: This will build positive relationships among cadets it will lead to creating a learning community that values diversity. This will not only help providing experiences but will also develop both good learning and social skills.
(4) Caring for Others: Caring for others will nurture cadet’s well-being and increases their positive connections with peers.

    g.  Leadership Traits

(1) Ability to positively persuade others without being aggressive and pushy.
(2) Solve problems and implement solutions in fair, firm and friendly manner.

4. Role of BOGs:

The employees of CCH BOGs will, in their respective capacities, inculcate values, skills, competencies and attitudes to realize CCH’s Vision, Mission and objectives. They will support all tiers at CCH in this endeavor.