Other Activities

Emotional Well-Being Classes:

These classes are held at the time of joining of new 8th, in their orientation period.  These are a total of 6 classes which cover areaslike: transition from home to boarding, time management, positive thinking, winning friends,

Boundary Building Sessions:

These sessions are held in each wing separately. They are focused on raising awareness among the cadets on how to differentiate between a good friendly touch and a bad one and what to do to stop them. This is done through role play. This is done under the supervision of the House Masters and the College Psychologist.

Psychological First Aid:

The modules of RAPID (Rapport, Assessment, Prioritization, Intervention, Disposition)model of psychological first aid, originally designed by John Hopkins University are followed to help train house masters and other staff members identify cadets in distress. It educates the pastoral staff on the neuroscience and psychological basis of distress and its management and the importance of referring identified cadets to the psychologist.

Annual Reports:

For detailed annual reports click here 2021, 2022, 2023.