Revamp of College Main Gate

CCH Revamps the Main Gate
CCH’s main entrance started its journey in 1954 as a simple swing gate with two pillars on either side. Its first facelift occurred in 1997 with further renovation taking place in 2011.
In 2020, Col Shahid Hamid (Retired), 22nd Entry proposed transforming the main gate’s outlook with a view to reflecting the prestige and eminence of CCH and, catering for varied security and administrative needs. He also undertook to fund this project.
The upgraded Main Gate was designed by Brigadier Khaliq Ur Rasheed Kiyani (Retired), who also undertook to finance it.
The project was completed by the generosity and magnanimity of: –

  1. Brigadier Khaliq Ur Rasheed Kiyani (Retired)
  2. Colonel Shahid Hamid (Retired)
  3. Dr. Zahid Hamid 25th Entry
    The Chairman CCH Executive Committee and Chairman POFs Lt. General Ali Amir Awan, HI (M) inaugurated the Main Gate on 23rd June, 2021. Other esteemed Members of the EC present on the occasion were Brig Khaliq Ur Rasheed Kiyani (Retired) and Lt. General Najib Ullah Khan, HI (M) (Retired) 19th Entry. Colonel Shahid Hamid (Retired) also graced the occasion.

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