The CCH Mentorship Council

On 13 September 2022, The CCH Mentorship Council held a virtual meeting with some old Abdalians who have volunteered to become mentors. The topics under discussion included meeting schedules and mentor-mentee pairings alongside valuable suggestions from the mentors. The session was joined by Dr. Farhan Nadeem (Cardiologist), Dr Maaz Aslam (ENT Specialist) , Dr Moaviz Aslam (ENT Specialist), Dr Hassan Jalil, Mr. Muhammad Mughees (DC Peshawar), Mr. Aadil Niazi (Chartered Accountant), Mr. Hassan Sultan (Businessman). Overall, the meeting ended on a high note, with the mentors sharing their experiences and feedback with the Council.The CCH Mentorship Program was started in 2021 and has since worked on connecting old Abdalians with their current day counterparts so that they can share their experiences and guide them regarding careers. The Council also works on generating social capital, thus allowing the current Abdalians to feel more confident and ultimately shape them into 21st Century Global Leaders.

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