CCH Mentorship Pilot Program

Mentorships provide dynamic and reciprocal platforms in which a mentor, possessed of experience acts as a guide, role model and teacher for a menteeโ€™.
CCH has been planning for about an year to put together the old boys with its current cohort of cadets for the purpose of sharing knowledge, advising and counselling.
The Abdalians Association of Canada (TAAC) accepted this challenge and kickstarted the mentorship program with an introductory meeting between the mentors and mentees on 23 Jan (Sat), 2021.
The Principal, VP and other staff members along with 12 Cadets from 9th and 11th classes attended the video conference.
Seminal in its outlook, it is hoped this program will bring together Abdalians across generations and be emulated by other Entries.
CCH is extremely grateful to TAAC members, especially to Dr. Khaqan Khan, for this effort for benefit of Cadets.

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