CCH Endowment Fund Trust (CCHEFT) Scholarships

One of the objectives of CCH Endowment Fund Trust (CCHEFT) is to overcome the financial challenges of
students by providing Need-based Scholarships.

Thanks to generous donations by Abdalian Alumni, Rs 100 Million worth of Need-based Scholarships
have been provided to more than 110 students since 2014.
This has positively impacted not only the individuals but also their communities.
When you contribute to a Need-based scholarship, you help a student to effect an affirmative social
change transforming generations.

While CCH has made some great strides, we still have a lot to accomplish and for this we need your
support. Please join us! With your contribution, we will be one step closer to achieving studentsโ€™ academic
goals and excel here at Cadet College Hasanabdal.

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