PRCS Youth Club Activities

Trees have a substantial impact on our environment and act as environmental buffers to our ecosystem. With the aim of planting trees, PRCS Youth Club CCH conducted its first Community Service round outside CCH of 67th Entry.It started on Monday when 10th class JW accompanied by Deputy Secretary PRCS Youth Club Cadet M.Abdullah Sahi and Treasurer Cadet M.Usman Ishaq planted 30 trees at the Railway Station Hasan abdal under the supervision of Assistant Station Master Jameel sb. They spent a total of 2.5 hours in which they not only planted trees but also communicated the benefits of planting trees to the locals. The next day Haider Wing went to Gymnasium Complex in Housing Colony & Govt High School H.Abdal and planted a total of 30 trees at both of the places. On Monday, 19th September 2022 Iqbal Wing visited a Government College for Boys of Hasanabdal. They remained there from 2pm to 4pm and planted around 30 plants all by themselves. This round ended on 3rd October 2022 and the remaining entries of Omar, Liaqat, and Aurangzeb Wing had their community service conducted at CCH. 30 plants were planted by each entry in Winlaw Grounds and in the Orchard beside Chapman Road.In all of these trips, the Cadets worked tirelessly and tried their level best to engage others in the activities related to Tree Plantation.PRCS Youth Club appointments Secretary Cadet Syed Husnain Mumtaz Naqvi, Deputy Secretary Cadet M.Abdullah Sahi, and Treasurer Cadet M.Usman Ishaq accompanied the Cadets on their community service rounds. Equally active were faculty members of the Youth Club Mr. Saqib, Mr. Tayyab, and OiC PRCS Youth Club Mr. Mirza Saeed Ahmad who supervised all of the rounds. The spirit of community service was inculcated in the Cadets and they contributed a lot to their community.

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