PRCS Youth Club Elections

The PRCS Youth Club CCH holds its elections every year to recruit new members. It is the most anticipated event in the entire calendar of events. The sole purpose of the elections is to elect a person which would ensure the appointment of the right person and uncomplicated communication. Cadets of the 11th class and 12th class compete in the elections for the post of Deputy Secretary and Treasurer respectively. This year the elections were equally exhilarating. The elections were scheduled for Saturday, 3rd September 2022. It was after movie night that the cadets started casting their votes. The voting started from the 8th class and ended with the participants casting their votes too.The counting started right after all of the cadets had cast their votes. OiC PRCS Youth Club CCH Mr. Mirza Saeed Ahmed personally counted the votes in thepresence of the candidates. Cadet M. Abdullah Sahi fromH/W 11th class became the Deputy Secretary while CadetUsman Ishaq from O/W 12th class was announced as theTreasurer. These will be appointments until the electionsin 2023.

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