TAAC – CCH Seminar

The Abdalians Association of Canada (TAAC) – CCH Seminar
7 Nov, 2021
TAAC and CCH collaborated to organize the event “Shaping Global Leaders”, comprising of Abdalian Speakers from around the world. It was one of a kind event at CCH that combined the virtual and physically present speakers addressing the Cadets on various topics.
Keynote speakers, present, were Dr. Khaqan Ahmed Khan (22E, President TAAC), Mr. Rahat Jalal (14E, VP TAAC), Cadet Abdal Gohar (WC OW), while Mr. Waseem Ullah (29E) and Dr. Faisal Sultan (22E, SAPM) joined virtually.
Dr. Khaqan spoke about TAAC, its core objectives and achievements, and how they are assisting Abdalians in settling down in Canada.
Mr. Rahat Jalal talked about the TAAC – Cadet Mentorship Program which is going on successfully. He invited other Abdalians to be a part of it as well.
Mr. Waseem Ullah explored the subject of Unlocking the Network Effect. He gave an excellent presentation on how to make a social network and use to it in your favour.
Dr. Faisal Sultan shed light on the topic of Professionalism. He gave the Cadets some excellent pieces of advice that will surely help them in their careers ahead.
Cadet Abdal Gohar talked about How CCH Shaped Me, sharing little but valuable lessons and practices he experienced during his day to day life at the College which made the difference for him.
Col (R) Malik Muhammad Anwar (10E Punjab Minister for Revenue), Lt Gen Najibullah Khan (19E Member CCH Executive), Syed Azhar Ali Shah (24E) and other Abdalians also graced the event with their presence. In addition to these, there was a large number of online Abdalians attending the event around the world.
We express our immense gratitude towards TAAC Management who came out with this idea and made it possible.

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